Above all, I’m a child of God. I sin a lot. I cuss and I worry and I complain and I hate and I’m selfish. But I can lay it all at the feet of Jesus because he laid down his life for me and took my place on a cross. I strive to live a life worthy of that sacrifice, but I know I’m lacking in many areas. Thankfully, God is a god of grace, and I know he spends an awful lot of grace on me.

For God so loved the world that he sent his one and only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.  – John 3:16

I’m a 20-something college-student on the brink of graduating and joining the realm of the “grown-up” world. I can’t wait to have a classroom of  my own filled with eager minds. I believe that is my mission field.

I live with my mama, my two cats, and my dog in a little itty bitty cottage in the woods of Mississippi. I love living with my family, but trust me when I say I’m ready for a place of my own. I’m working towards that!

I lived a year in Colorado and it was one of the best years of my life, I kind of dropped everything after my freshman year of college, and God took that year to truly transform me, I feel at home on the back of a horse. There’s something peaceful about working with an animal big enough to kill me, but that places their trust completely in me. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that that’s the closest I’ll ever get to flying.

I’m a big bookworm. Harry Potter and Agatha Christie novels are some of my favorites. If John Green wrote it, I’ll read it and re-read it and cry and laugh and slam it on the floor and then read it again.  I like everything from Pride and Prejudice to zombies (but not together. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies… I just don’t get it.) I love writing about as much as I love to read. I have several writing projects going, and a big dream of mine is to be published. Since I’m kind of scared to let anyone read my work, that is a big dream.

I’m a pretty big introvert. People are kind of the scariest things ever. It’s something that I’m constantly working on. I have to remember not everyone is out to get me, and that’s a challenge.

I’m odd. My stomach is inverted and my tongue can touch my nose and I am physically incapable of burping and I’m probably too obsessed with my cats. I have a Harry Potter tattoo, and that’s probably not the last time ink will touch my skin.

And that’s me, or at least a little bit of me! Stick around to learn more!



3 thoughts on “About

    • Basically, it means that my small intestine is attached at the top of my stomach and loops down, instead of being attached at the bottom, like on normal people. It also means my metabolism is really slow, but other than that it doesn’t really interfere with my life too much!

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