Wedding Weekend.

When my friend Lauren got engaged last spring, I was ecstatic. She is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. I met her my fall semester of my first year of college. We were both freshmen. Someone had dropped out of the play that I was in, and who should step in but Lauren? We have grown closer over the years, and I am so glad I get to call her a friend. Her wedding was in French Camp at a place we both grew up going to camp at, Camp of the Rising Son. It’s always funny to see just how connected people are — we could have run into each other as campers in the late 90s – who knows? It was a special place to her, because she and Sonny both worked at CRS as counselors as well.

When she asked me to cut cake and be an honorary bridesmaid a few weeks later, there was no way that I could say no! I drove up the Trace on Friday night and joined them for the sweetest rehearsal dinner I have ever been to. The toasts made me cry and Lauren looked like an angel! All the bridesmaids then helped set up for the following day, and then we had a fun night of nails and movies with Lauren before the Big Day.

The day of the wedding was so relaxed. We woke up, headed over to the Bed and Breakfast for a bridesmaid brunch (the bacon, though… so good.) Lauren, though she will ever deny it, was the most laid back bride I’ve ever seen. We got ready, I did Lauren’s hair, and when she walked out of the room with her dress on, everybody’s jaws hit the floor. It was beautiful. We took pictures with the photographer, and then came back and crashed for an hour or so.



The wedding ceremony was beautiful and so full of Christ. And the reception… well, it was amazing. I think she had the best cake-cutters around, if you ask me! The food was great, the dancing was fun, the company was ideal, and I may have caught the bouquet.




Best wedding I have been to in a minute. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Gunn!


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