Happy Halloween!

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind. I have been teaching all day for student teaching, writing lesson plans, being evaluated, going to play rehearsals, running, and feeling all kinds of worn out, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t take some time out for my favorite holiday!

My Halloween week started out great. I saw The Grapes of Wrath at New Stage Theatre here in Jackson (and right around the corner from where I will be moving!) You can read my review I wrote for the college paper here. If you just want one word? Incredible. If you are in the Jackson area between now and November 3, it’s worth the money.

Friday night, I joined my friends and we took an outing to Fondren Public for drinks, and then headed to The Warehouse Theatre to watch an improv show put on by The Misfit Monkies. We laughed our rears off, and my friend Matt even won a monkey mask as a door prize. They do a lot around Jackson, and are a lot of fun to watch.

Saturday, we went costume shopping in preparation for our Haunted House adventure that evening. We all have big kid jobs, so it’s kind of hard to get together and do something when Halloween falls on a weeknight. Plus, I had rehearsal until 9, and teachers tend to be very sleepy. So we celebrated early – and got weird looks at all the restaurants we visited prior to the haunted house. Who cares?! It was a blast!


In regards to the Haunted House, we went to Seasons in Flowood. I get scared pretty easily (I saw the new Carrie and spent half of it hiding behind my hand), so this was terrifying to me. Chainsaws and 3D glasses and people jumping at me… instant freak out. But it was all in good fun, except where I fell and scraped my knee. And considering I take blood thinners… you can guess how that turned out. I have a pretty wonderful bruise to commemorate the occasion, though!

To top it all off, yesterday was Super Hero day at school, so of course we went all out with DIY capes made of old t-shirts.

And you’d think that would be enough, but Halloween ISN’T OVER, y’all! Due to the storms last night, trick-or-treating is happening tonight and I’m helping hand out candy in Madison. I’m about to come up with another quick costume.




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