Positivity Sunday

Wanna hear my goal for the week? Update at least ONCE before Sunday! Sheesh! But where did this last week even go? It flew by!

1. I love student teaching. This could be all that I write about this week for Positivity Sunday. While I haven’t written up my own lessons or anything yet, I have been very involved in the classroom. I’ve made bulletin boards, done some one on one work with students, proctored some tests, graded about 50000000 papers, read aloud to the class, gone to a faculty meeting and a professional development workshop, and had the class left entirely in my hands one afternoon. To say it was a busy first week of student is an understatement, but I love it! Fourth grade is studying Greek myths and reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief this nine weeks. I’ve never read it, so I bought it on my Nook this weekend to read. It’s great so far! My assignment this week is to do the read-alouds from the book, so it’s nice to actually know what’s going on.

My cooperating teacher snapped this picture on Friday. (I’ve since fixed the terrible root issue, don’t you worry!)



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