Foundation Routine

Here’s a little fact about myself. 

I have never had good skin. I think I started struggling with acne when I was around 11. I turn 24 on Tuesday, and it’s nowhere near getting better. Sometimes it’s a little more under control, but sometimes – like now – it’s like I have Mount Vesuvius living on my chin. I used to get really embarrassed about my face. I distinctly remember skipping half a week of class my Freshman year of college because my face was out of control. And when I get acne, it’s big and it’s deep and it hurts.

I also love playing with makeup. I started having fun with it when I got really involved in theatre. I loved being able to transform myself into somebody else by changing the way I look. I have been building up my collection and learning tricks and methods on YouTube for the last two years. While I love being able to do it for the stage, I also think it helps me with teaching. I feel like I come across as looking really young (I mean, my face looks like an acne-prone 14 year old), and therefore I feel like people (parents, administration, etc.) don’t take me quite as seriously. I wish that weren’t the case, but it does. Also, a nice application of makeup also makes me feel more professional.

So. Today, I felt like I would share what I do to clean my face up.

ImageI mean, y’all can just see how bad my face is. 

ImageImageFirst, I moisturize my face and put on eye cream. If I don’t do this, my acne tends to dry out really badly because of all the medication I put on it, and then the makeup I cover it with just looks really crusty and cakey. I’ve also pictured the brushes I use when I am doing my foundation/concealer. The only one I forgot to picture is a Sonia Kashuk powder blush. The pink thing is the Studio 35 version of the Beauty Blender, and I LOVE it.



I didn’t think to number these in the order I use them, so I’m going to list the products here, and then I’ll take you step by step through what I do.

  1. Hard Candy Glamoflague Heavy Duty Concealer in medium light.
  2. Elf Tone Correcting Powder
  3. Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation in nude beige
  4. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in brightener
  5. This is just a translucent loose powder that I ran out of today and accidentally threw the packaging out. Oops!
  6. NYX Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer in porcelain
  7. Milani Baked Blush in luminoso
  8. Wet ‘n’ Wild ColorIcon Bronzer in Ticket to Brazil
  9. I also used the eyeshadow palette called Walking on Eggshells by Wet ‘n’ Wild. I used the top, light color for a highlight.


First, I take the NYX concealer and the tiny foundation brush. I dot it all over any redness or bumps on my face, and also apply it to my baggy eyes. This is a very light concealer, but it is very full coverage. I’d rather use a concealer that is too light and correct it with blush and bronzer than use one that is too dark. Then, I take my beauty blender, and using the small, pointed end I tap the concealer into my skin. I don’t rub it, because I feel like that takes product off of my face. I just dab it until it settles in.

Next, I put two pumps of the Covergirl foundation onto my hand. Using the small foundation brush, I dot that all over my face. I then take the beauty blender, again, and dab that in as well. I never rub. It’s lots of patting and dabbing. 🙂 To get to the corners of my nose and my under eye areas, I use the small end. It’s the most versatile foundation/concealer tool ever!

After the foundation is on, I take another look at my face. If I still see blemishes showing through, I will take the Glamoflague concealer and apply more of that. This stuff is super heavy duty and thick. I normally use it as a tattoo concealer, but it does the job in tricky situations!

Next, I apply the Maybelline brightener under my eyes and under my nose, and pat that in with my finger. Regardless of how much sleep I get, I always have baggy, purple under eyes, and this stuff works miracles!

Once all the concealer is applied, I use my big Sonia Kashuk powder brush and apply the Elf tone-correcting powder. This is a translucent powder with really faint pigmentation of green, blue, yellow, and pink. The faint pigmentation counteracts problem colors and helps set all the makeup on my face. After this step, my face looks like this.


You can still see the raised bumps, but the redness and irritation is covered! However, all that foundation and concealer gives my skin a yellow, dull cast, so we just need to fix that with some blush and bronzer!

The next thing I do is take my elf blush/bronzer brush, and my Milani blush. I just tap it into the product, and apply the blush to my cheekbones. I have a really round face, so it’s important to put the product on the cheekbones, not just the round cheek area. This blush is a really nice pink with a faint, faint shimmer and it really helps give my face a glow. After that, I take the brush into the Wet ‘n’ Wild bronzer. I apply this in a ‘3’ shape on both sides of my face. I start at the temples, bring it onto the cheek, and then down to my chin/jaw line. If I am feeling like it, I will also apply this under my cheekbones as a bit of a contour to help define my cheekbones a bit. Lastly, I just swipe my finger in the highlight shade of that eyeshadow pallete, and apply that above the blush. The final step is applying the loose, translucent powder to set everything.

Then, I go on with the rest of my makeup. Maybe I’ll share my eye and lip routines another day.Image

HUGE DIFFERENCE, RIGHT?! You can’t even see that volcano on my chin! I was ready to go out to a birthday dinner with my friends after this and feel completely confident about my face, something that never would have happened a few years ago!

If you’re interested in some more makeup type content, or you’d like to see a video tutorial of something, leave a comment! I’d love to hear what you would like to see here! Makeup just happens to be something I really enjoy. 🙂

Have a great labor day weekend!





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