Positivity Sunday

This week has been…. a doozy.

I have been suffering with feelings that I can’t be too specific about on here, but I have felt very bitter, sad, and trapped over certain situations. I am terrible at letting out my feelings and I tend to just keep them caged up inside until they explode somehow. So my #1 positive thing this week means the world to me.

1. A weekend with my friends. At first, I didn’t think I was going to get to see my favorite people this weekend. Even though I have my car, I can’t really drive it until I get a tag and insurance and all that fun stuff, so I didn’t know how I was going to make it out to Pearl to be with them. Through other circumstances, I didn’t have money anyway, so I was about to sign out on another opportunity with my buddies. But in true fashion, they weren’t going to let that happen. They picked me up, paid for my movie ticket, and let me crash at their house for the evening. I’m not a scary movie fan, but for them, it’s worth it. I have hands to hold when things get too bloody on screen (we saw You’re Next, if you are wondering), and don’t have to spend the night by myself afterwards. Win-win. We reconvened last night, cooked dinner, and watched Friends. I know everybody thinks that they have the best friends on the planet, but you’re mistaken. After the rough two years I have had, I would be nowhere if it weren’t for these people. There have been nights where I have felt completely alone and defeated, and all it takes is one word and I know they are there. The number of times I have needed a shoulder to cry on or a hug that doesn’t end probably would turn people away, but if I need it, they are there. I don’t have hoards of people I let into my life, but the few that have gotten close to me? They are quality, quality people and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. They mean the world. As someone who keeps all these things bottled up inside, it was nice to know they were listening and to get stuff out somewhere beside a journal was really freeing. I know I have people praying for me and supporting me. That’s fellowship and community, guys.

2. Long runs. I decided to step up my running game a few days this week and run until I got too tired. I wasn’t worried so much about time, I just wanted to run and explore and not feel obligated to hit a certain minutes/mile. I ran 3.5 miles one time, and 4 miles the next day. It gave me a chance to explore my town, too, and I really enjoyed it. I found some really good hills and ran through the graveyard. Creepy? Maybe. But it was actually serene and peaceful.

3. This video

It’s no secret that I love muiscal theatre. I love Wicked (well, I’ve never seen the show, but I love the recording), and For Good is one of my favorite songs…ever. Kristin Chenoweth picked a random audience member who knew the song to duet with her…and this happened. Magic. Watch it. Cry a little (if you’re like me), and then read Sarah’s story here.


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