Positivity Sunday

This week has been so strange! I only worked yesterday (Saturday), so I have been searching for some meaning to my life! Just kidding. My life has plenty of meaning! I’m just not used to days with nothing to do.

1. People are awesome. I’ve posted about this several times this week, but I’ve seen so much of the Lord’s provision this week through people. New friends, old friends, and people I barely know have been his hands and feet this week, and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t cried about it a few times this week.

2. Sleeping in. I woke up between 6 and 8 every single day this summer. I’m not an early-riser by any means, so I’ve enjoyed a few days of being a night-owl and sleeping in in the mornings. I get my best reading and writing done late at night (or in the midnight hours…), so I’ve been grateful to get to stay up and utilize my brain, and then rest in the morning.

3. My INR levels were therapeutic! I was so nervous about going to the doctor Wednesday morning. Two weeks ago my levels were really, really high, and then last week they were low. This week they were 2.2 – perfect! Now let’s just hope they stay that way so I don’t have to take very much time out of student-teaching to go to the doctor…

4. Running! I’ve been really committed to running this summer. This month I have been working on hitting my goal-time for a mile (under 9 minutes), and then start building up distance for an upcoming 5k. Yesterday I hit my goal for the first time – 8 minutes and 33 seconds! High-school Heather would laugh (she ran 7 minute miles…), but post-college post-almost-dying Heather is pretty happy with that time! 

This week has been pretty great. My brother moved out yesterday, which is both sad and exciting. He’s just one town over, but I’ll miss that giant boy being in the house, all 6 foot 4 of him! This week is looking pretty good, as well. One book review to write, and I’m stage-managing for The Detectives dinner theatre on Tuesday. I plan on catching lots of sleep and rays the rest of my week, because I start school again after that. Student teaching, I’m ready for you!


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