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I was tagged to do a ‘5 Things’ post by my Bloggers Helping Bloggers partner, Alexandra. She blogs over at A Gregarious Mess, and y’all should check her out. She lives in Colorado (my favorite state other than Mississippi) and always has pretty entertaining posts.

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Five Things I Have A Passion For

1. Education. I didn’t think I wanted to teach when I was growing up. It was something I was called to after spending the beginning of college as an English writing major. Now, I can’t imagine doing anything else. I love learning, especially reading, and want to pass that on to our future generations.
2. Acting. I’ve written a post about it before, but I have learned so much about myself and others through acting. I also think others can benefit from it, specifically kids who have trouble expressing themselves. It’s a wonderful way to be honest and vulnerable, even if you can’t speak about what’s happening to you. 
3. Jesus. Really, this should be number one, but I’m not weighting these, so whatever. I wouldn’t be here, alive, able to teach or act or read or write, if it weren’t for my Savior. I’m forever grateful and hope that I can share this with others.
4. Animals. I’ve been an animal lover my whole life. I believe they were put on this earth to comfort us and to be companions, and my pets – every pet I’ve ever had – has been just that to me. I’m also a really big advocate of adopting from shelters. There are so many pets that need homes just as much as pure-bred animals that you buy from breeders. All my pets were strays or were adopted from shelters.
5. Health. I am by no means the most ‘in shape’ person out there, but I do believe in living a healthy lifestyle. I try and exercise 4-5 times a week and eat as healthily as possible (although yes, I do give into my cravings occasionally… and by occasionally I mean far more often than I’d like!)

5 Things I’d Like To Do Before I Die

1. Like Alexandra said, I’d also like to run a half-marathon. That’s probably way into the future as run five miles once this summer and it was the hardest thing ever. But one day!
2. Have a book published. This is a really big dream, I know. But I love to write. I think I have good ideas. I actually really like my writing style. But. I get really uncomfortable letting people read my stuff. It’s like I’m handing them a little piece of my soul… because I am. So this one is REALLY big.
3. Do voice-over work. Preferably for Disney. I mean, who doesn’t want to be the voice of an animated princess or some spunky animated animal? Again, big dream.
4. Get paid to act.
5. Get married. I’m a girl. I’m a hopeless romantic. I want my own family. There’s really not much more to say there.

Five Reads I Love
1. The Bible.
2. My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers
3. The whole Harry Potter series… I mean. I’ve read it from start to finish 13 times. I have a Harry Potter tattoo on my foot. I’m kind of a super-fan nerd geek.
4. Mere Christianity by CS Lewis. I read this my junior year of high school with my Apologetics class (best class I have ever taken), and it changed the way I look and explain a lot of things.
5. Arcadia by Tom Stoppard. It’s my favorite play ever.
6. Because I can add another one because this is my blog and I do what I want! Anything by John Green. Mostly The Fault in Our Stars and Looking For Alaska, but really anything the man has ever written. So good.

Five Favorite Movies

1. Little Women
2. The Lion King
3. The Dark Knight
4. Midnight in Paris
5. The Holiday

Five Places I Want To Travel

1. Disney World
2. Paris
3. Scotland
4. New York City
5. Seattle

Five Bloggers I Tag

I hate when people do this, but I tag ALL of you! If you participate, leave me a comment so I can look at your answers and get to know you better!


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