August Birchbox First Impression

Today was a happy day because my August Birchbox was waiting for me in the mail! If you don’t know what Birchbox is, it’s basically a subscription box that you pay 10 dollars a month for. Then, once a month, they send you a semi-customized package of sample (and sometimes full) sized, high-end beauty products. This was my second month to receive my box, and I like it even more than July’s! I did get a wonderful perfume sample last month that I’m going to wear until the tube runs dry, so I was excited to open my pretty pink box this month.



These are the two that I wasn’t quite as excited about. The top are Molen + Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser. The card states, “A best-selling cleanser that dissolves makeup, clears blemishes, and balances pH levels.” That’s all fine by me, honest! But with little sample sizes like this, you can’t really know if a face cleanser is going to work. That being said, little packets like these are great to throw in an over-night bag if you’re spending a night away, so that’s probably where they will be used. The black packet is ShowStoppers Designer Fashion Tape. I actually am still kind of excited about this. The card reads, “Celeb stylists swear by these double-sided tape strips, which prevent any wardrobe mishaps.” Let’s just face it, guys. I’m, as we Southerners would say, am blessed. Even when I wear modest clothing, I still struggle with my bra wanting to peak out, or a strap wanting to show. Maybe this tape will be saved for a fancy occasion. I’ll keep it on hand!


This is KMS California FREESHAPE Hot Flex Spray. The card says, Heat-activated spray that protects against breakage and damage while providing medium hold.” I’m excited to try this one, because if you read my post about being in the hospital and being sick, you saw that I lost a lot of my hair during that time. (Don’t worry, I have thick hair so it’s not too noticeable!) It’s now all growing back in so my head is FULL of little baby hairs. My hair-stylist told me to be sure I was using some kind of protectant/strengthener to keep those new hairs growing and healthy, so this should help in that pursuit.



IMG_0273 I am really excited about this little guy! It is the Coastal Scents Eye Shadow in the quad Bewitched. I have been curious about Coastal Scents for awhile, so this set will help me decide whether to buy one of their big palettes or not. I have the top picture reversed, so hopefully you can figure out that the Empress Teal isn’t a sparkly brown 🙂 When I swatched them on my fingers, they all appeared nice and pigmented, if not a little powdery. I will use this with a primer and hopefully it will last! I mostly wear neutral colors, so it will be fun to work that teal in somehow! The card says, “Four complementary shades that can be worn alone or layered for a smokey look.”


 IMG_0269 IMG_0268

IMG_0270Here’s another one I’m really excited about! It’s the ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick in From Dusk til Dawn. The card says, “A semi-matte lipstick that delivers both hydration and lasting pigment.” It’s no secret that I’m a lip color hoarder. I love it! This is a pretty matte brownish pink and I really like it! It feels really satin-y on. It’s neutral enough to wear to teach or to dress up a fun night look, so I’m very excited!

I’m really pleased with this month’s box. I can’t wait to wear some of these and I’ll tell you what I really think!

In other news, I started studying Hebrews today on the recommendation of a friend. Y’all. I just read Chapter One today and all I’ve gotta say is Christ is supreme. Have you read Hebrews? Did you use any companion book to go along with it? I’d love to know what you think! Leave a comment and tell me about it!



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