First Day Of School

This year, I get to experience not one, but two first days of school!

As a part of the student-teaching semester, we are required to observe the first two days of school at an elementary school. We can pick any school we want, but most of us pick the school we have been assigned so that we can meet all of our students, get used to the procedures we will be enforcing, and spend some time with our cooperating teacher.

I don’t think I have been excited for the first day of school in a long time, but I really couldn’t wait to meet my students. When I arrived, the principal greeted me right away and walked me to my class. That meant a lot to me, because I know she was insanely busy with students arriving. It was just a really nice gesture that I appreciated.

The classroom I was assigned to is a fourth grade reading class. The fourth grade is departmentalized, so the three home-rooms will rotate between reading, math, and language arts/technology. All of the fourth grade teachers are insanely nice and I can already tell I will learn a lot from all of them. Our room is purple and polka-dotted and wonderful.

I spent the first day helping students organize their binders and store their supplies. I won’t meet the other classes until I am back on September 9th, but I did get to know my home-room really well. First names learned? Check!

My cooperating teacher, Mrs. R, is so nice. She got teacher of the year last year, and I am excited and blessed to learn from her. 

On Day 2, we spent the days really drilling procedures and doing an anti-bullying curriculum. I got to teach two of the lessons! It felt good to be back in front of kids again. I really do love what I do!

One thing the fourth grade teachers passed by me was an interest in starting a drama club for the fourth grade. Y’all. Could this placement me ANY more perfect for me? Of course I said I’d be willing to do whatever they needed to make this happen! 

At the end of day 2, the students surprise me with cards wishing me good luck in the classroom management class I have to take before I come back on September 9th. I am so lucky, and I can’t wait to come back. Sweetest kids and co-teachers ever.

(If they can learn that not all teachers are a ‘Mrs.’ I’ll consider it a successful semester.)

(I don’t have to cover my tattoo! Definite perk.)

I also went to Old Navy yesterday in search of a couple teacher-appropriate blouses. I got one, but they were having a 1.99 jewelry sale, and it was also buy two get one free. I had a random 6 dollars left on a gift card from Christmas, so it was basically a bunch of free jewelry. I’m pretty proud of the collection I walked home with!


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