Oh, Monday + A Call For Recipes + New Show Obsession

Mondays aren’t terrible. I actually kinda like them. Routine and I are good buddies. But when your Mondays involve going to the doctor, they get a little less cool. And when you get bad news, that’s even less cool.

When I first got released from the hospital in March (I had a blood clot in each lung), I had to go to the pulmonologist in Jackson every Friday to get my INR levels checked. That’s a fancy way of saying “let’s see how fast your blood is clotting on the blood thinners.” For weeks, my levels never fell in the therapeutic range (between 2 – 3). Then FINALLY, this summer, I had two months of consistent, therapeutic levels. I was ecstatic. I even slowly started introducing leafy green foods back into my life (leafy greens contain Vitamin K, which can counteract the blood thinners, and I could live on salads if I wanted to.) Well, today ended my streak. If my levels were good today, I’d only have to drive to my doctor in Jackson once a month. But since they were low (1.6), I have to go back every week again. It’s a little frustrating, and now I’m saying bye to greens until I get to stop taking Coumadin, and who even knows when that will be. All that to say, if you are in possession of any healthy recipes that don’t call for leafy greens, help a girl out!

This afternoon, J and I made banana bread. I let her measure out all my dry ingredients instead of us doing math today. Sometimes, girls just wanna have fun. And baking is fun. And my banana bread is delicious. Recipe coming soon, don’t you worry!

In other news, I started watching BBC’s Call The Midwife last night. I watched a random, out-of-order episode on PBS with my mom and loved it, and decided to see if it was on Netflix – and it is! I’m trying to limit myself to one episode a day, or else I will fly through it and be sad when I have no more episodes to watch.

Like I did with Sherlock.

Oh, Benedict Cumberbatch. How can you not hit ‘next episode’ when that pretty face with those glorious cheekbones graces your computer screen? I mean come on.

Ahem. Sorry. I’ve got tech rehearsal for our One Acts tonight, and then you can bet I’ll be curled up in bed watching the next Call The Midwife episode.

Also, it can’t be a bad Monday when you have a brand new Batman keychain. That’s all. For real this time.


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