Positivity Sunday

Hi, everyone! Here’s anther dose of Positivity Sunday!

1. Batman and Superman IN A MOVIE TOGETHER. It’s no secret that I’m a nerd. The Dark Knight trilogy has a spot high up on my favorite movies, and I loved the Superman movie that just came out. Batman has been my favorite action hero since I was a kid. I saw this yesterday after it was announced at Comic Con (another secret – it’s my goal to go to Comic Con in the next few years) and pretty much flipped out.

2. We have a Veronica Mars movie trailer, y’all! I loved Veronica Mars when it was on television. It ended way too early. I might have watched all three seasons in a few weeks. Several months ago, they opened a Kickstarter campaign to get fans to fund the movie – and we did. We exceeded the goal by a whole heck of a lot, and now the movie is on its way. Glorious, y’all. GLORIOUS.

3. Church today. Today the kiddos at church gave a presentation from VBS this past week. They sang Gungor’s Beautiful Things and I’m pretty sure my heart melted into 50,000 pieces. I hated missing out on helping with VBS this year. Hopefully next year I can help!

4. Cat Cuddles. Get used to seeing this one every week. I’m a cat lady, and yes, hanging out with my babies really is one of the best parts of my week.

Hope this weekend has treated everyone great! My mom and I watched Guilt Trip last night, and it ended up being really cute. I’ve always loved me some Barbra Streisand. Funny Girl will always be in my top 5 favorite movies of all time. We were awoken around 3 AM today to a visitor of the rodent variety in our linen closet, but my mom set him free, so I hope Mr. Mousey is alive and well in our woods now.

Wishing y’all a happy Sunday!



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