I Don’t Like Today…. Except For Cats.

You know how sometimes you just wake up, and know it’s going to be a bad day? That was today. Which is sad, because it’s Friday. And Friday is supposed to be the day you look forward to all week because work is over and a weekend full of possibilities has arrived! But that was simply not what Friday had in store for me today.

First of all, our cell-phones were temporarily cut off last night. My mom and I work hard to pay the bills and all that, but sometimes, it’s hard. Today was pay-day, though, so running by CSPIRE to pay was on my to-do list. I didn’t think it would cause any problems, but I was wrong. Of course. Yesterday, i told the little girl I watch that I would pick her up at 8:30 so that we could go and get her vaccine for school. No biggie, right? Wrong. I go to pick her up, and no one is there. In my head I’m thinking, Crap. I hope she isn’t getting dropped off at my house and then I’m not there. And then my mind raced to thinking we were probably going to pass each other if I drove home. Should I stay at her house? Should I drive home? Crap, crap, crap… So I prayed all 15 minutes that she’d be at my house, and… she wasn’t. Seeing as I had no mode of communication, I was panicking. I drove in a frenzy to the little grocery store, and begged to use their phone. Luckily, I reached her. She said she was on her way to my house. Problem solved, so we can go about our merry days, right? No.

I drove back home so I could go in and make breakfast for her, walk up the stairs…. and the door is locked. Instead of using the spare key that I keep on the china cabinet by the door, my mom had locked the door with her own keys, locking the spare one inside. She usually leaves first, so I’ve never run into this problem before. And she works until 6:30. And I can’t call her, because my phone doesn’t have service. Crap, crap, crap.

Oh well. It shouldn’t matter anyway, because we will be in the waiting room to get her school vaccine all morning, anyway. She arrived at my house and we went into Clinton, stopping to pay the phone bill on the way to the clinic. At least one problem was fixed. But as we pulled into the health clinic, my stomach dropped as we we noticed we were the only ones there. We looked at the door, and a lovely sign was posted informing people that instead of being open Monday – Friday like they have been for the past 18 yeas I’ve lived here, they are switching to only being open on Tuesdays and Thursdays. At this point I began banging my head against the steering wheel.

It was just a day.

I can’t say that everything was bad, though. We changed plans and took a nice stroll around Olde Towne Clinton, peeking into some shops and trying on hats at the antique store. We swung at the park. We got frozen yogurt. I cut our day short, though, dropping her off at 1 instead of 3. Neither of us could take driving around in my brother’s AC-less car much longer.

After finally reaching my mom, she told me to come drive to her work to get the key. We were both worried about Roscoe and accidents in the house. I did, and then, since Target was right down the road, I stopped by because I’ve had my eye on this canvassy leopard tote bag. I browsed a bit, and added some more items to my haul.


If you can’t sense a theme here… I have a slight cat obsession. I love cats and will buy pretty much anything that is cat themed. It’s becoming a problem. But… that’s a post for another day. The earrings, y’all. And the shirt… it’s a kitten in sunglasses, c’mon. Who could resist?! And the tote is a leopard with SKULL spots… another favorite thing. And the cat-less wallet redeems, me, right?

Now I’m finally home, and writing all this is making me realize how silly I was to fret about my day. God is way bigger and has dealt with way bigger problems like giants and wars and stuff, and here I am whining because my door is locked. I’m just a silly person.


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