Manic Monday… Only Not Really!

Well, hi! Today was my last day off from work, and I tried to savor being able to sleep in, but it seems like my body won’t let me anymore. I used to sleep in until 12 or 1 in the afternoon, but it seems this whole teaching thing has triggered my internal alarm clock. I absolutely can’t sleep past 9 anymore, and that’s if I really try or go to bed really late. Does anyone else have that problem? Or maybe you’re an early bird and you like waking up early… oh well. I, for one, miss sleeping in.

I didn’t really do too much today. I ran some errands, paid the energy bill, faxed my time-sheet, and picked up some things I needed at Walgreen’s, including a new nail polish (Wet ‘N’ Wild’s Megalast in Heatwave), a new eyeshadow brush, and Studio 35’s version of a Beauty Blender, a product I’ve really been wanting to try out. I used it this evening and I really like the effect it gives on my foundation. It will be getting a lot of use! When I got home, I tried filming a video for the blog, but I ran into a few problems. 1) My memory card filled up before I was done and 2) When trying to upload the video to YouTube, it took FOREVER. Like, it was telling me it was going to take it like 640 minutes to upload?! What??! I don’t know if it’s the quality of my camera or what, but that’s a little crazy. I suppose I can try again. We’ll see.

This evening, I had rehearsal for The Date, the one act I am doing at Black Rose Theatre. Tonight we had an open rehearsal, meaning we invited some people to sit in the audience, even though it was only a practice. We needed people to laugh so we could work on timing, basically. Two of my college friends came to sit in the audience, and it’s always great to get feedback from them. We had two successful runs of the show, and I debuted my new dress that I will be wearing as my costume. I felt fancy, y’all! (I totally rocked three-day hair today. I freaking love dry shampoo. And there are 25 bobby pins in this messy bun. Just sayin.)

(I attempted stripe accent nails today. The base color is Megalast Heatwave and the stripes are Sinful Colors Easy Going.)
(This is a preview of the outfit I’ll be wearing in The Date. I’ll do an outfit post and talk about it soon! I am in love with this dress!)

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