Positivity Sundays

I’m a bit of a pessimist. It’s true. I’m really good at seeing the negative in every situation, even if there is plenty of positive to look at. Someone once told me that by making yourself reflect on the positives in your life regularly, you’ll probably start to see them more. So that is what ‘Positivity Sundays’ are for me – a chance to reflect and be thankful. 


1. A Five Day Weekend. The little girl that I care for in the summer is on a vacation with her mom. She left on Thursday and doesn’t get back until Monday night. Having an extended weekend has been lovely, and I’ll admit that I’ve been ridiculously lazy too.

2. Furbaby Cuddles. It’s stormed a lot here in Mississippi this week, and that just brings out the cuddles in Roscoe, Mugsy, and Bingley. I read somewhere that holding a purring cat is a stress reliever, and I believe it!

3. Movies. My mom and I have worn out Redbox this weekend. Friday we watched Safe Haven, yesterday we watched The Dark Knight Rises, and we are going to watch Identity Thief tonight. With ice-cream. Yeah, we go all out.

4. Fun Nails. I have been watching beauty blogger Leigh Ann Says like an addict. She uses products that I can afford and is hi-larious. One of her videos was a tutorial for the ‘tri-accent’ nail, and I decided to give it a go. I feel like once I start student-teaching, I won’t be wearing as many loud colors, so I am having fun with it while I can.

5. My New Hair Color. I know I just posted about it, but hey, it was a very positive thing this week! It’s made me feel like a new woman, y’all!


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